Want a school for your child that prepares them well for future then,
LBS Sr. Secondary School is the perfect fit for your child!
Equipped with the best faculty and learning environment, LBS stands out to be the best CBSE school in kota.
What makes LBS one of the best residential schools in Kota?
A dynamic and innovative curriculum, the LBS Curriculum embodies the School's dedication to optimize teaching and learning, therefore facilitating the entire growth and well-being of children throughout the school. 
To this end, an environment that is child-centered and safe, in which children are encouraged to be creative, and in which every opportunity is taken to help them develop their confidence and knowledge.
As the best residential school in Kota, the main thrust is on the development of self-esteem and life skills through technology, physical education, and the creative and performing arts, in order to explore multiple dimensions of excellence. The primary goal of education is to give students a learning environment that encourages them to achieve their full potential. 
What sets LBS apart?
They believe that every kid is born with a unique combination of characteristics and abilities that must be fostered in order for them to reach their full potential. So every kid needs an education that promotes academic achievement as well as all-round growth while also assuring 
their well-being and overall development. Everything they do at LBS School is guided by these beliefs, which serve as inspiration for many.
Loyola Boarding School is the top Boarding School in Kota (Raj.) having separate hostel facilities for boys and females. As part of the Dubai International School Awards 2019, it was named the "Best Residential School of the Year". All these make LBS the most preferred school for parents to enroll their child.

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